'If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.' -Red Adair

I am Andrés Plashal

Creative Director Production Coordinator
Graphic Designer

I’m an experienced Production Coordinator with 13 years of industry involvement.  I am a solution to  a complicated workflow, I possess superior communication skills, I am obsessed with organization and I meet deadlines with deadly accuracy. I am able to multitask with a strong working knowledge of the production process. I  can self direct with precision, resulting in completed projects on time and within budgets. I am creative, resourceful and all around good guy.

Simply put, I develop powerful design solutions that connect with audiences from all walks of life. My design practice encompasses a combination of modern technology, traditional media and plain old fashioned elbow grease. I am a knowledgeable Production Coordinator which includes the ‘know-how’ of project management, team coordination and focused leadership.

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Tibotec Therapeutics

Project Rhythm Productions



OverTime Pain Relief

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Chicago, illinois, United States

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