The at-home consumer experience

As millions of quarantined people are now working, teaching, exercising and shopping from home, the way people view and satisfy their needs have profoundly changed. A dramatic reduction of most out-of-home activities has increased the time we spend alone, with our loved ones, and in our own heads. And as boredom, anxiety, and confusion set in, people are finding new ways to remain motivated and productive.

Although it is still uncertain how long this “new normal” may last — and it could well be that the quarantine and lockdowns may flow across the rest of the year, businesses need to be prepared to adjust and understand how customer behavior changes. And so I’ve taken deep dives into the search patterns and I’m seeing these latest customer at-home experiences fundamentally with time and space, work and leisure, consumption and spending.

As a Marketing Director for a Point of Sale Platform as a Service firm in Northern Virginia, I’ve spent thousands of hours pouring through user behavior on websites across the county. Fundamental changes in how people perceive their everyday lives have produced a complex re-prioritization of the way, people spend and consume. I’m sure, Google and their teams of Marketing engineers are asking themselves the same three questions I’ve been pondering.

  • How do we provide help to our consumers as needs evolve?
  • How do we adjusting to a truly 24/7 consumption cycle?
  • and How do embrace novelty as a method to fight boredom?

The answers to these questions and I’m sure several more that will come along the way. And this can help all marketers respond to at-home customers’ needs from marketing to customer needs to retail services and our methods of advertising.

In early March, the quest to connect showed permanently. Interest in “dating during coronavirus” and “how to date during coronavirus” began spiking nationwide. Dating apps incorporating video and voice chat functionality for users have seen membership skyrocket. And now that online dating is practically the only way to meet new people, it has also skyrocketed sales. OkCupid reports matches rise by 10 percent globally and conversations rise by 20 percent by the most strict lockdown states.

SERP Spike in “dating during coronavirus

It’s a challenging time for all companies, some verticals more than others. Seeking support surface new ways to foster relations with customers, partners and opportunities of all types. For me, this lesson has provided critical value to my consumers.