2023 Recaps and 2024 Trends – Towards AI

Author Luhui Hu provides a summary of the top 10 advancements that have shaped the computer vision landscape in 2023. These include developments in segmentation tasks, multimodal large language models, YOLOv8 for object detection, self-supervised learning, text-to-image models, LoRA for computer vision, the Ego-Exo4D dataset, text-to-video models, Gaussian splatting for view synthesis, and StyleGAN3 by NVIDIA. Additionally, the author looks ahead to 2024 and identifies key trends in computer vision, such as augmented reality integration, robotic language-vision models, sophisticated satellite vision, 3D computer vision, ethics in computer vision, generative AI, CV edge computing, CV-native healthcare applications, detecting deepfakes, and real-time computer vision. The article was originally published on Towards AI.

source update: 2023 Recaps and 2024 Trends – Towards AI


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