Towards AI has launched a new free course called “Training and Fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLMs) for Production.” This course is the second installment of the Gen AI 360: Foundational Model Certification and is supported by Activeloop, Intel Disruptor Initiative, Lambda, and Cohere. The course includes high-level videos, text tutorials, and practical projects to help professionals and executives navigate the world of LLMs. Participants will gain practical insights into training, fine-tuning, and implementing LLMs in real-world business applications. Python professionals will learn about compute utilization, resource allocation, and technique selection to develop cost-effective and efficient models. The course also covers topics such as LLM architecture, RLHF, model deployment, and advanced topics like ethics and scaling laws. The course offers a deep dive into training and fine-tuning models and provides value for both technical professionals and tech executives. Qualifying candidates will unlock exclusive access to compute credits from Lambda and Cohere.

source update: Launching Towards AI’s Free “Train & Fine-Tune LLMs for… – Towards AI


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