Google has made its AI accessible to everyone by investing in AI for many years and publishing state-of-the-art research, building helpful products, and developing tools and resources that enable others to use AI. The company has been responsibly developing large language models so that it can safely bring them to its products. Google has introduced a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite that makes it easy, safe, and scalable for developers and businesses to build with Google’s best AI models through Google Cloud. The company has also introduced new features in Google Workspace that help people harness the power of generative AI to create, connect, and collaborate. Additionally, Google is bringing new generative AI capabilities to its Google Cloud AI portfolio, including generative AI support in Vertex AI, a Generative AI App Builder, and new AI partnerships and programs. Lastly, Google has introduced new generative AI features in Workspace that make the writing process easier by generating drafts for users.

source update: New AI features and tools for Google Workspace, Cloud and developers


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