This week in AI, Meta AI unveiled their Open Catalyst simulator application, which uses AI to predict catalyst material reactivity with remarkable speed. Google introduced the Robotics Transformer 2 (RT-2) model, the world’s first vision-language-action model. In other news, Stability AI released Stable Beluga 1 and Stable Beluga 2, Stack Overflow announced OverflowAI, and Bittensor Language Model and Stable Diffusion XL were introduced. OpenAI retired its AI classifier due to low accuracy, and several papers and repositories were shared. The Learn AI Together Community highlighted the upcoming AI4 2023 conference and shared a meme. Operand also shared its open-source Python library for agent integration. The article of the week discusses LangChain and building a simple Q&A app.

source update: This AI newsletter is all you need #58 – Towards AI


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