Gen AI 360: The Foundational Model Certification, a collaboration between OpenAI, Activeloop, and the Intel Disruptor Initiative, has launched its first course focused on LangChain and Deep Lake. The course offers over 50 lessons and 10 practical projects, providing a comprehensive understanding of AI technology and the ability to create production-grade AI tools and solutions. The course is free to enroll and is aimed at upskilling the AI developer community. However, achieving Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is still a challenge, as current large language models lack true intelligence. In other news, OpenAI’s GPT-4 can now use external tools for tasks, AMD has unveiled a new AI chip to challenge Nvidia, and Meta’s AI chief scientist has highlighted the limitations of large language models. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has also reached out to China for collaboration on AI regulations. Additionally, there are several articles, papers, and repositories related to AI advancements and research available for further reading.

source update: This AI newsletter is all you need #52 – Towards AI


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