Working together to address AI risks and opportunities at MSC

The Munich Security Conference, which has been bringing together world leaders, businesses, experts, and civil society for 60 years, is focused on addressing the urgent need to strengthen and safeguard democracies and the international world order. The rise of AI in offensive and defensive capabilities adds a new level of complexity to these discussions. In response to growing cyber threats, Google has launched the AI Cyber Defense Initiative to use AI to strengthen cyber defenses and safeguard democratic elections. This includes investing in cybersecurity skilling, research initiatives, and open sourcing AI-powered systems. Google is also committed to stopping abuse on its platforms and using AI to prevent the misuse of AI-generated content, collaborating with other industry partners to counter threats and abuse. Overall, the conference aims to bring together governments, businesses, academics, and civil society to forge new partnerships and harness AI’s potential to strengthen the rules-based world order.

source update: Working together to address AI risks and opportunities at MSC


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