The use of generative AI, specifically large language models (LLMs), has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by addressing administrative and operational challenges. Google Cloud is collaborating with healthcare organizations to create AI solutions that streamline processes such as information and documentation search. One example is Bayer Pharmaceuticals, which is exploring how generative AI can speed up the development of pharmaceutical products by accessing and correlating data, as well as automating tasks like drafting clinical trial communications. HCA Healthcare is leveraging generative AI to reduce the burden of administrative tasks for clinicians, including extracting information from physician-patient conversations to create medical notes and standardizing patient handoffs between nurses. MEDITECH is using AI technology to enhance their electronic health record system by improving search and summarization capabilities, offering a more comprehensive view of a patient’s record. Other healthcare and life science organizations, including Ginkgo Bioworks, Hackensack Meridian Health, Huma Therapeutics, and Infinitus Systems Inc., are also adopting Google Cloud’s generative AI technology. The collaboration with healthcare organizations is essential in developing safe and efficient AI solutions for patient care.

source update: Generative AI for healthcare organizations


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