Is the Hype Justified? – Towards AI

The GPT Store is OpenAI’s new marketplace for custom GPT-based chatbots, with over 3 million GPTs available at launch. The store offers opportunities for developers to create and distribute their own chatbots, but has provoked both enthusiasm and skepticism in the AI community. The revenue share for creators may be modest, and there are concerns about copycat apps, lack of moderation, and potential ethical issues. The store is seen as a strategic tool for OpenAI to learn from the user community, but it also presents limitations and challenges for developers.

The store’s focus seems to be more on strategic goals for OpenAI than on immediate financial returns for creators, and the revenue share is estimated to be between 10-20%. The requirement for a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access custom GPTs limits the market size, and there are challenges related to discovery and differentiation within the store.

Despite these limitations, the GPT Store offers opportunities for developers and companies to integrate their APIs into custom GPTs, allowing for specialized services and unique value propositions. However, these integrations come with their own set of limitations and challenges, requiring developers to think creatively about providing value within the framework of the GPT Store’s capabilities.

The GPT Store represents a pivotal shift in OpenAI’s strategy, positioning the company to control a key distribution platform in the AI ecosystem and diversify its income sources. The store is seen as a testing ground for new ideas and applications, offering insights into user preferences and application trends, and serving as a strategic tool for OpenAI to expand its influence in the AI market.

The full details of the GPT Store are still behind the veil of missing documentation and lack of usage, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this space for updates and new insights. Overall, the store is seen as a tool “by OpenAI for OpenAI,” and it may not create new millionaires but will give millions of ideas to OpenAI.

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