The term “stochastic parrots” is used to describe large language models that can generate realistic-sounding language but do not truly understand the meaning behind it. These models rely on statistical patterns in data and are not capable of true reasoning or understanding. The rise of stochastic parrots has been driven by advances in deep learning and AI techniques, but this phenomenon can have limitations and can perpetuate biases and errors in language. The impact of stochastic parrots on the accuracy and effectiveness of language models can be evaluated through metrics such as perplexity, BLEU score, and ROUGE. If not addressed, stochastic parrots can have serious ethical implications, particularly in cases where the language model is being used in sensitive or high-stakes applications. To prevent these consequences, careful model design, evaluation, and ongoing monitoring are necessary.

source update: A Novel Look at Large Language Models and… – Towards AI


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