Towards AI, Activeloop, and the Intel Disruptor Initiative have collaborated to launch the Foundational Model Certification course. This course aims to empower AI enthusiasts with advanced tools and resources to create impactful AI solutions. The course explores Large Language Models (LLMs) using LangChain and Deep Lake. It consists of eight modules and over 50 practical lessons covering topics such as LangChain, prompt engineering, indexes and retrievers, memory types, and agent creation. The course is part of the Gen AI 360: Foundational Model Certification program, designed to equip AI developers with the necessary tools for applying LLMs across industries. Technology executives can also benefit from this course to stay at the forefront of AI technology. The goal is to accelerate AI adoption in various fields. Anyone interested can join the course for free on the website.

source update: Launching our LangChain & Vector DBs in Production course — 50+… – Towards AI


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