OpenAI has released a new user tool that allows you to build your own ChatGPT without coding. This tool, called GPTs, allows users to create personalized instances of the larger models, with specific skills, knowledge, and behaviors. GPTs can be equipped with custom tools and data and conditioned to manage conversations to meet specific requirements. By eliminating the need for repetitive context-setting and data input, GPTs can streamline task execution, interpret insights, and make decisions. Although not autonomous, GPTs are capable of performing multiple actions within a response, such as analyzing data and generating plots. Creating a GPT is a simple process that involves configuring the GPT, finding and indexing the right knowledge, and refining the GPT’s instructions. This user-friendly tool represents a significant advancement in the no-code supervised AI development and brings AI closer to users, increasing efficiency on repeat tasks.

source update: Using GPTs, OpenAI’s No-Code Builder of Personal AI Apps – Towards AI


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