Using Google My Business To Get Better Rankings (Without Ads)

Google My Business is like using any other digital power tool. With the right application, you can create a list that the right people can find. You may do some long-lasting damage to your web presence with the wrong application.  Google’s first search results page in 2020 is one of the most successful marketing environments. Automatic authority is given to … Read More

The at-home consumer experience

As millions of quarantined people are now working, teaching, exercising and shopping from home, the way people view and satisfy their needs have profoundly changed. A dramatic reduction of most out-of-home activities has increased the time we spend alone, with our loved ones, and in our own heads. And as boredom, anxiety, and confusion set in, people are finding new … Read More

Google Will Require Proof of Identity From All Advertisers – The New York Times

The names of the companies or people behind ads, as well as their countries of origin, will begin appearing on Google ads this summer, starting with several thousand advertisers a month in the United States before expanding worldwide. The measure, which could take years to implement, is designed as a defense against businesses and individuals who misrepresent themselves in paid … Read More

Win customers on their path to the purchase

Consider targeting by location; Reaching people not only while they’re on the go but also based on where they are is an advantageous approach to your advertising dollar. Make sure to highlight your delivery options and displaying product inventory also helps demonstrate demand so customers can easily see what’s in stock and where. The intent is to make the purchasing … Read More

Marketing Funnels- Content for Each Stage

Why is the marketing funnel so important? The purpose of the funnel top is to attract and segment. The content produced in this stage should be general, show how technology or services are important, but without presenting any specificities. Imagine, for example, a potential customer who is researching a product. Goals are typical to grow in the knowledge and thus … Read More

Getting It Done: The Project Management Fallacy

Too often I come across project managers using the mantra of ‘hustle’ and the idea of ‘If you’re not hustling your team, you’re losing’. And sure, why not, it’s motivating, it’s inspiring and it’s a concept we’re all familiar with (especially in the entrepreneurial space). We’re paid to make things happen and employment is in the market of labor. If you … Read More

Differentiating 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands

tldr Unlike “3G” and “4G” in the mobile phone space which refers to “third generation” and “fourth generation” technologies, the “2.4G” and “5G” designators in WiFi radio frequency bands are shorthand for the 2.4GHz band, and 5G 5GHz band (roughly 5.1 to 5.8 GHz, with some gaps in between depending on the country and regulator agency). There’s a sound article … Read More