content for the right Audience

Audience Segmentation

Your Customer Segments are the different groups of people or organizations your business aims to reach. This includes users who might not generate revenue right away, but which are necessary for the business model to work.

Let’s discover the content segments like locations, content tags, and customer lifetime value (CLV), so we can build appropriate content to address visitor interest. Let’s get to know your customers.

Customer Audiences & Lookalikes

  • Identify the highest and lowest-value customers (regarding profitability).
  • Identify the commonalities between cohorts (psychographic, demographic, behavioral, habits) to tailor communication style, offers, design, customer experience, pricing, packaging, etc.
  • Create customer profiles and buyer personas or develop customer journey maps for various groups
  • Develop a profile of the customer data to build look-a-like audiences (identifying common demographic and behavioral factors between the most profitable customers so we can target the marketing to similar audiences).
Facebook's Lookalike Audiences
Example of Facebook's Lookalike Audiences
Segmentation is critical to customer growth