15 Best Writing & Editing Tools in 2023 (AI Tools Included)

Editing is an essential step in the content writing process. It ensures that your work is free from spelling and grammar errors, adheres to a clear structure, follows a consistent writing style and tone, is easily readable, and is optimized for relevant keywords. To help you achieve a polished final draft, here are 15 of the best editing tools available:

1. SEO Writing Assistant:
This tool helps optimize your content for search engine traffic, readability, brand tone, and originality. It provides SEO recommendations, scores your content’s quality, offers suggestions for improvement, evaluates your writing’s tone of voice, and includes a plagiarism checker.

2. ContentShake AI:
ContentShake AI is an all-in-one content tool that generates ideas, assists in writing articles using AI, and evaluates readability, tone of voice, and keyword optimization. It provides AI-generated titles and outlines, analyzes your drafts based on target parameters, and offers suggestions for search engine rankings, visuals, and credibility. It also integrates with WordPress.

3. Grammarly:
Grammarly is a well-known content editing tool that identifies spelling and grammatical errors, suggests fixes, evaluates content engagement and tone of voice, and integrates with popular web browsers and platforms like Google Docs and iOS/Android devices.

4. ProWritingAid:
This tool uses AI to improve writing by correcting spelling errors, simplifying jargon, and enhancing readability. It offers advanced writing recommendations tailored to various document types and highlights strengths in addition to weaknesses. With a one-time payment, you can access premium features forever.

5. Hemingway Editor:
Hemingway Editor is a free tool that identifies writing issues, offers basic improvements, and scores your content’s readability according to grade levels. It counts words, estimates reading time, and provides recommendations for enhancing readability by using active voice, removing unnecessary adverbs, and more.

6. Readable:
Readable is an advanced tool for enhancing readability. It provides insights into grade level, readability score, text density, and more. It identifies issues such as long sentences, misspelled words, adverb overuse, passive voice, and clichés. It also offers reports on formality, tone, and audience suitability.

7. Wordtune:
Wordtune is an AI-powered rewriter that provides options to rephrase sentences and paragraphs, offers tone customization, and helps shorten or lengthen sentences. It is available as an online editor, Microsoft Word add-in, iOS app, and Chrome extension.

8. Jasper:
Jasper uses AI to produce on-brand content that reflects your voice. It generates multiple rewrites based on your input and can learn your writing style and business specifics. You can provide text or URLs for Jasper to analyze, and it integrates with plain text, resources, and information on your products and target customers.

These editing tools will help you polish your content, ensuring it is error-free, well-structured, consistent, readable, and optimized for keywords. Experiment with different tools to find the ones that fit your needs and style best, and keep refining your work until it is ready for publication.


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