20 most profitable Google queries revealed during antitrust trial

Google’s most lucrative search queries in the U.S. for one week in September 2018 have been revealed during the ongoing U.S. vs. Google antitrust trial. The search terms that drove the most revenue for Google were related to iPhone, insurance, and cheap flights. This information had never been publicly disclosed by Google before. The 20 most profitable search terms during that week were iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, auto insurance, car insurance, cheap flights, car insurance quote, Direct TV, online colleges, AT&T, Hulu, iPhone, Uber, Spectrum, Comcast, xfinity, insurance quotes, free credit report, cheap car insurance, AARP, and Lifelock. The rest of the information, including revenue, number of queries, and ad revenue per thousand impressions, was redacted on the slide that displayed this data.

Google made a significant amount of money in 2018, with $116.46 billion in revenue. However, this was modest in comparison to the $224.47 billion Google made in 2022. Despite the financial success of the company, it had never publicly shared the specific search terms that were most lucrative for them until now.

The revelation of these top search queries is important for marketers as it provides insight into which searches generate the most revenue for Google. Marketers can leverage this information to inform their keyword targeting strategies and understand the value of certain search terms. This data could potentially help them maximize their ad spend and improve their ROI on Google Ads campaigns.

The redacted slide that displayed the top search queries appears in a PDF released during the antitrust trial. The revenue, number of queries, and ad revenue per thousand impressions were redacted, leaving only the search terms visible. The list includes popular searches such as iPhone 8, car insurance, cheap flights, and online colleges.

Overall, this new information sheds light on the search queries that drive the most revenue for Google. While the specific revenue figures and other data remain undisclosed, marketers can still use this information to inform their strategies and make more informed decisions when it comes to Google Ads campaigns. By targeting search terms that are known to be lucrative for Google, marketers can potentially improve their advertising performance and achieve better results.


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