23% have fully adopted, 50% still learning, 16% yet to begin

A recent poll conducted by Search Engine Land revealed that over 90% of respondents are ready to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) from Universal Analytics. Despite some frustration expressed by users, the majority have either fully implemented GA4 or have it set up and are still learning how to use it.

Out of the 400 responses received within 48 hours, almost a quarter of respondents said they have fully implemented and are already using GA4. Just over half said they had implemented it but were still in the learning phase. Additionally, almost 16% have it set up but have not started using it yet. These numbers indicate that the majority of users are on board with GA4, despite any drawbacks or difficulties they may have encountered.

Only a small percentage of respondents (2.6%) said they have no plans to use GA4. Another 4.6% have not yet set it up. This suggests that the overall adoption of GA4 is high, even though there may be some resistance or hesitancy among a minority of users.

While the poll results may appear to show a vote of confidence in Google’s analytics strategy, it’s important to consider that adoption does not necessarily mean satisfaction. Some respondents expressed frustration with GA4, describing it as an “unfinished product rushed to market” with a “terrible UI” and reporting system. These comments highlight the potential challenges and limitations that users are facing with GA4.

It remains to be seen whether users will be able to make GA4 work for them or if the frustrations with the tool will lead them to explore alternative analytics solutions. While GA4 may currently have the majority of users on board, their experience and satisfaction with the tool will ultimately determine its long-term success.

Overall, the poll results indicate a strong readiness to switch to GA4 among the majority of users, despite some reservations and frustrations. Google’s analytics strategy continues to evolve, and it will be interesting to see how users adapt to and utilize GA4 in the coming months and years.


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