3 overlooked SEO conversion metrics to consider

SEO conversions and tracking extend beyond direct sales or leads. There are other valuable metrics that can showcase the true impact of an SEO’s work, such as CPM revenue, candidate acquisition, and win-back campaigns.

CPM revenue is crucial for news sites, bloggers, and content creators. While attracting more traffic may seem important, focusing on increasing pageviews per visitor can be more profitable. For example, a phrase that brings 1,000 visitors with a page view rate of 1.25 may seem less impressive than a phrase that brings 600 visitors but has a page view rate of 2.5. By considering the actual CPM rates and potential affiliate commissions, the smaller phrase may actually generate more revenue.

Candidate acquisition is another metric often overlooked by SEOs. By optimizing a company’s Careers page, including location-based information and category-based content, SEOs can attract candidates directly to the HR team or hiring manager. This can save the company money and time spent on job boards, and also help build a backlog of resumes for future job openings.

Win-back campaigns involve using SEO-generated data to create integrated marketing plans. By combining product and customer service data, SEOs can identify features or functions that customers may not be aware of and share this information with the email and social media ads teams. These teams can then create win-back campaigns targeting customers who match the demographics of those showing interest but have not converted. Additionally, optimizing product pages and spec sheets can lead to higher conversion rates and the creation of blog posts to build authority in a specific area.

It’s important for SEOs to look beyond direct sales, leads, and CPM traffic and think about the broader impact of their work. By measuring the full extent of their role, SEOs can demonstrate their value to the company and potentially secure more budget and resources.


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