3 ways YouTube uses AI to improve health content

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of medicine by improving health outcomes, advancing research, and increasing the accessibility of health information. YouTube is at the forefront of using AI to elevate authoritative health content, break language barriers, and empower the global health creator community.

One way AI is being used is to elevate authoritative health content. YouTube has implemented principles for raising credible sources of health information and is working with organizations such as the World Health Organization to ensure that content from authoritative sources is more prominently displayed in search results. In select countries, medical professionals can apply for a health label to ensure their content is part of authoritative health features.

Another use of AI is to break language barriers. YouTube Health is collaborating with health content creators to pilot an AI-powered dubbing tool called Aloud, which makes the dubbing process easier, faster, and more accessible in multiple languages. Translation will be reviewed by clinicians, while creators will have control over their dubbed videos.

Finally, AI is being used to empower the global health creator community. Creators spend hours researching, peer-reviewing information, and generating scripts. AI technologies such as MedLM, a medically-tuned model developed by Google Research, can help support creators in creating high-quality and engaging health content.

The responsible implementation of AI can greatly impact the health and wellbeing of billions by scaling high-quality, accurate, and engaging health content across languages and geographies in a cost and time-efficient way. YouTube aims to continue democratizing access to health information for all through the responsible use of AI and partnerships with the global health creator community.


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