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The content discusses the importance of digital transformation for B2B companies, as well as the impact of digital experiences on customer relationships. A study conducted by Deloitte Digital revealed that 77% of B2B executives believe that digital transformation is critical to their company’s success. The webinar “4 B2B Selling Trends to Catapult You Ahead of the Competition,” presented by Deloitte, aims to highlight the four trends that lead to stronger customer relationships, including higher satisfaction, stronger spending, better retention, and deeper trust.

The findings of the study suggest that B2B buyers are increasingly vetting sellers based not only on traditional factors such as product specifications and pricing, but also on the digital experiences they provide. Failure to adapt to these rising customer expectations can result in significant costs for B2B companies. The webinar aims to provide insights into how B2B sellers can adapt to these changing expectations and leverage digital experiences to strengthen customer relationships.

The webinar is presented by experts from Deloitte Digital, who will unveil the research findings and discuss the four trends that can help B2B sellers stay ahead of the competition. The goal is to help B2B companies understand the importance of digital transformation and provide them with actionable insights to improve their digital experiences and customer relationships.

Ultimately, the webinar aims to help B2B companies understand the impact of digital experiences on customer relationships and provide them with the knowledge and tools to adapt to changing customer expectations. By leveraging digital transformation and focusing on these four trends, B2B companies can strengthen customer relationships, improve customer satisfaction, increase spending, enhance retention, and build deeper trust with their customers. This, in turn, can help them stay ahead of the competition and drive success for their companies.


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