Family illustration while having dinner (Iftar) during Ramadan, along with colorful lanterns

Ramadan is a month-long celebration observed by Muslims around the world. It is a time of reflection, empathy, kindness and generosity, and Google has introduced four new tools to help people celebrate this special month.

The first tool allows users to search for “Ramadan 2023” in their preferred language to access all the relevant information about the holiday, including greeting cards online. This tool will help people connect with loved ones through colorful and meaningful communicates, regardless of the distance between them.

The second tool, an online coloring book created by Google Arts & Culture, can help users express their artistic side while reflecting on the meaning of Ramadan. The coloring book features beautiful artwork that users can color and share with their family and friends.

Google’s third Ramadan tool is designed to help people access content online that can help them learn about the holiday, its history, and significance. This tool will provide users with access to a variety of resources that they can use to expand their knowledge of Ramadan.

Finally, the fourth Ramadan tool introduced by Google is designed to help people plan their activities during the month. This tool provides a calendar that outlines key dates and events during Ramadan, helping users prioritize their activities and plan their time effectively.

Together, these four tools offer users from around the world the opportunity to celebrate Ramadan in new and exciting ways. Whether it is through colorful greetings, artistic expressions, informative content, or helpful planning tools, Google is supporting the values and traditions of this important holiday.


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