5 things a marathoner learned after running 100 miles with Google's Pixel Watch

The author of this content discusses the benefits of using a Fitbit to track sleep and exercise, with a specific focus on how this can improve athletic performance. The author describes how Fitbit’s Sleep Profile feature can shed light on the quality of one’s sleep, and how this information can be used to improve performance during workouts. In particular, the author notes that the Daily Readiness Score generated by Fitbit’s app can help users determine whether they should push themselves during workouts or take more time to rest and recover. This feature is exclusive to Fitbit Premium users and requires users to wear their watch consistently to measure exercise, sleep, and heart rate.

The author notes that the connection between sleep and athletic performance is well established, but that Fitbit’s data allowed them to see a pattern that they couldn’t ignore. As a result, they made some simple changes such as setting their phone down earlier, drinking more water, and reading before bed instead of watching TV.

The author also discusses how Fitbit Premium can help users prioritize rest and recovery, which is particularly important for people who tend to sacrifice rest, hydration, and strength training in the pursuit of their fitness goals. The author notes that Fitbit Premium provides users with access to features such as the Daily Readiness Score, as well as more than 1,000 workouts and hundreds of mindfulness sessions. Users can also pull trends and wellness reports, which can help them track subtle performance improvements over time.

Overall, the author argues that using a Fitbit to track sleep and exercise can be a valuable tool for athletes who are looking to optimize their performance. By using Fitbit’s Sleep Profile feature and other Premium features, users can gain valuable insights into their sleep patterns and exercise habits, which can help them make informed decisions about how to train and recover.


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