5 ways Google Play can help educate and entertain kids

Summer is here and school is out, but parents might be looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and learning. Google Play offers several features, apps, and games that can help with this. Here are five ways you can use Google Play to entertain your kids and keep their skills sharp during the summer.

Firstly, Google Play offers a feature called Reading practice, which can help kids improve their reading comprehension skills. Children can choose their own books and use this feature to learn new vocabulary, listen to the pronunciation of words, and find child-friendly definitions. For early readers, there is a text highlighter that follows along as the words are read out loud, and there is an option to practice any skipped or mispronounced words at the end of each page. Thousands of children’s books on Google Play Books have Reading practice enabled, making it easy to find appropriate reading materials.

In addition to reading, Google Play offers various educational apps and games that can keep kids engaged and learning. For example, there are math apps that make learning numbers and operations fun, as well as science apps that provide interactive experiments and educational videos. These apps can help kids reinforce their knowledge and develop new skills during the summer break.

Furthermore, Google Play has a feature called Google Kids Space, which provides a safe and curated environment for kids to explore and learn. It offers apps, books, and videos that are age-appropriate and educational. Kids can choose from a wide range of content that suits their interests, whether it’s a book about dinosaurs or a video about space exploration. This feature ensures that kids have access to quality educational materials while also keeping them entertained.

In addition to reading and educational apps, Google Play also offers a variety of games that can keep kids entertained while also challenging their cognitive and problem-solving skills. There are puzzle games that require logical thinking, as well as memory games that help improve concentration and recall. These games can be a fun way for kids to exercise their minds during the summer break.

Lastly, Google Play offers a feature called Family Link, which allows parents to set digital ground rules and manage their child’s online experience. With Family Link, parents can set screen time limits, approve app downloads, and even monitor their child’s app usage. This feature can give parents peace of mind knowing that their child is using Google Play in a safe and responsible manner.

In conclusion, Google Play offers several features, apps, and games that can help keep kids entertained and learning during the summer break. From reading practice to educational apps and games, there are plenty of options to choose from. With Google Play, parents can ensure that their kids make the most of their summer vacation while also keeping their skills sharp.


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