5 ways Google Slides helped me redecorate my home

The author of this content shares their experience with using Google Slides to arrange and edit images for their furniture selection process. They wanted to ensure that the furniture they purchased would complement their accent wall and accurately represent how it would look in their living room. To achieve this, they needed to place images on top of one another.

To stack images in Slides, the author selected the image they wanted to bring forward, such as a couch, and clicked on “Arrange” in the top toolbar. From there, they chose “Order” and “Bring to front” to place the selected image on top of the others. This allowed them to accurately visualize how the furniture would appear in their space.

In some cases, the images of the furniture they found online were not rotated in a way that suited their needs. For example, they wanted a side table to face left, but the website’s image showed it facing right. However, with Slides, they were able to easily rotate the image to match their preferences. By inserting the image and right-clicking, they accessed the “Format options” menu and selected “Size & Rotation.” Under the “Flip” category, they found options to rotate the image vertically or horizontally, helping them achieve the desired orientation.

Furthermore, the author found it convenient to be able to crop images directly in Slides, saving them the need to use a separate image editing program. They encountered situations where they wanted to remove unwanted elements from a design inspiration image they had found. For instance, they wanted to eliminate a rocking chair next to a bookshelf they liked. Being able to crop images within Slides made this editing process much simpler and more efficient.

Overall, using Google Slides for arranging, rotating, and cropping images greatly aided the author in their furniture selection process. It allowed them to accurately visualize how the furniture would fit within their space and make necessary adjustments to the images as needed. The convenience of being able to edit images within Slides without using another program was particularly beneficial and saved them time and effort.


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