In this article, 58 common SEO interview questions are compiled with sample answers to help applicants prepare for their interviews. The article covers questions that are suitable for entry-level and junior SEO roles. The first question that is likely to be asked is why the applicant wants to pursue a career in SEO. An ideal response would briefly explain what led to an interest in SEO and what aspects the applicant finds appealing. Another question that may be asked is to describe the skills that make candidates suitable for a particular role. Candidates should highlight skills specific to the role; for example, keyword research, technical optimization, analytical thinking, leading, and collaborating.

During the interview, candidates may be asked about Google ranking factors. Some of the main factors are relevant and high-quality content, backlinks, and user experience. Applicants may also be asked to explain the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO focuses on optimizing aspects of a website that are under the candidate’s control, such as tags, meta descriptions, and images. Off-page SEO involves increasing website authority by taking actions outside of one’s website, like earning backlinks and mentions.

During an SEO interview, the candidate may be asked about technical terms like canonical tags, redirects, meta tags, and URL slugs. A canonical tag specifies the main version of a page and helps to improve website ranking by preventing duplicate content issues. Meanwhile, redirects forward website visitors from one URL to another, and a URL slug provides information about the content of the page.

To succeed in an SEO interview, candidates must demonstrate their knowledge of SEO concepts, understanding of technical terms, ability to use SEO tools, and communication skills to explain technical terms to a non-technical audience or potential client. Applicants should also highlight their problem-solving techniques by offering examples of how they solved SEO challenges, such as optimizing site speed.


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