6 Google AI tools to help you find the perfect gift

Valentine’s Day can be a daunting holiday for gift-giving, as it can be difficult to find the perfect sentimental yet not overly practical gift. To help with this, Google offers six AI-powered tools for finding the perfect gift. The first tool is the Search Generative Experience (SGE) in Search Labs, which allows users to explore topics and get quick information for gift ideas. The Shopping Graph, Google’s ML-powered data set, allows users to find deals and discounts on gifts, making it easier to stick to a budget. Google Lens is a helpful tool for identifying and finding products from photos, while Circle to Search can help users discover products within images on social media. AI-enhanced photo gifts, such as using Google’s Pixel 8 Pro to capture special moments and editing them with AI features, can make meaningful and affordable gifts for loved ones. These tools can help take the stress out of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for partners, friends, family, and even pets.


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