6 tips for taking incredible photos of your pet

Gaj Vamatheva, a Senior Design Lead at Google who works on Pixel phones and Google Photos, provides some tips for taking professional-level photos of pets using the Pixel 7 Pro. He suggests experimenting with the wide-angle, telephoto, and ultrawide lenses to find the best framing for pet photos. The wide-angle and ultrawide lenses are ideal for capturing a group of pets or adding depth to a subject, while the telephoto lens is perfect for close-up shots of a pet’s face from a distance.

2. Lighting is key
Good lighting is essential for any photograph, and pet photos are no exception. Gaj recommends taking advantage of natural light whenever possible. If shooting indoors, position your pet near a window or open door to ensure adequate lighting. Avoid using the flash as it can create harsh shadows or cause your pet’s eyes to appear red.

3. Capture their personality
One of the best parts of photographing pets is capturing their unique personalities. Gaj suggests focusing on their expressions and actions to convey their individuality. Get down on their level and engage with them to elicit natural reactions. Patience is key when photographing pets, as it may take time for them to relax and show their true selves.

4. Use Burst mode
Pets can be unpredictable, making it challenging to capture the perfect shot. Gaj recommends using the Burst mode feature on the Pixel 7 Pro to capture a rapid sequence of shots. This increases the likelihood of obtaining that one perfect photo where your pet is in the ideal position or displaying an adorable expression.

5. Edit for perfection
Once you’ve taken your pet photos, don’t forget to edit them to enhance their appeal. The Pixel 7 Pro’s built-in editing tools, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, can help bring out the best in your photos. Additionally, Google Photos provides a variety of filters and effects to further enhance your pet’s pictures.

6. Look for candid moments
While posed photos can be beautiful, candid shots often capture the true essence of your pet. Keep your camera handy and ready to snap photos when your pet is engaged in natural behaviors or playing. These spontaneous moments can result in incredibly authentic and heartwarming images.

7. Experiment with perspectives
Don’t be afraid to try different angles and perspectives when photographing your pet. Gaj suggests experimenting with both high and low angles to add variety and visual interest to your photos. By changing your perspective, you can capture your pet in unique ways that highlight their individuality.

8. Consider the background
The background of your pet photos plays a crucial role in the overall composition. Gaj recommends choosing a background that complements your pet’s fur color or provides contrast to make them stand out. Avoid busy or cluttered backgrounds that may distract from the main subject.

In conclusion, taking professional-level photos of pets with the Pixel 7 Pro involves finding the right framing, utilizing good lighting, capturing their personality, using Burst mode, editing for perfection, looking for candid moments, experimenting with perspectives, and considering the background. By following these tips, you can capture beautiful and memorable photos of your furry friends.


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