In an ever-evolving digital space, brands are always looking for ways to increase their social media visibility. In 2023, the two key tactics for boosting social media visibility are influencer marketing and community management. By working with influencers who have an existing audience, businesses can gain exposure and attract new users. Platforms like BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics can help businesses find the right influencers for their campaigns. But even without a big budget, businesses can still create engaging content by enlisting the help of employees to become brand ambassadors.

Once a business has gained visibility through influencer marketing, community management can help build on that moment by participating in discussions and interacting with potential clients. Brands can hire community managers to facilitate communication on social media platforms and respond to comments with personalized messages and humor. Platforms like Social Inbox can help community managers respond to messages from a business’s target audience.

Combining influencer marketing and community management can ignite engagement and push a brand’s social media visibility to new heights. By using platforms like BuzzGuru and Social Inbox, businesses can increase followers and engagement on social media.


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