A look at how we’re building more sustainable hardware

Google has unveiled its sustainability goals for 2022, which include reducing waste generated by the company and minimizing the demand for new raw materials. The tech giant has already made significant strides by incorporating recycled materials into 30% of the materials used in its new products that will launch next year. For example, 48% of the plastic used in the new products will come from recycled content. By using recycled materials, Google aims to lower the carbon footprint of its product manufacturing as well. The new phone enclosures for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are made with 100% recycled aluminum content, which has reduced the carbon footprint by over 35% when compared to aluminum that is not recycled.

To encourage phone repair and ensure customer satisfaction, Google has teamed up with iFixit to provide genuine Pixel spare parts, tools, and documentation for skilled repair customers who want to fix their devices independently. This is a significant nod to the “Right to Repair” movement that is gathering momentum in the United States and worldwide. It not only gives customers more choices in Pixel phone repair but also helps customers save money and reduce waste.

Google has also taken the initiative to improve its product packaging by eliminating plastic from its hardware product packaging by 2025. The company has already made strides towards this goal by using 99% plastic-free materials in the packaging for its Pixel 7. Overall, the company has reduced Pixel packaging plastic by 97%, reduced the volume of packages by 54%, and reduced the weight by over 50% when compared to its first Pixel phone. Google aims to continue reducing the impact of its packaging by finding new materials and methods that are environmentally friendly.

Overall, Google’s sustainability goals for 2022 demonstrate the company’s commitment to adopting environmentally friendly practices, reducing waste, and minimizing its carbon footprint. These initiatives signal to customers and other companies that sustainability is a priority for Google, which may motivate them to follow suit.


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