Google and Tel Aviv University (TAU) have been collaborating since 2020 to support AI research and innovation. The collaboration includes knowledge sharing between researchers at TAU and Google Research teams, joint meetings, tutorials, grants to advance AI research, and efforts to promote diversity in science and education.

The joint meetings provide a platform for knowledge-sharing and discussing research from both organizations. Researchers from TAU and Google Research teams have access to tutorials on using Google tools like Google Earth Engine and DynamicWorld.

Google has provided financial support to TAU to provide grants for seven AI for Good research projects, including climate mapping, insect-detection models, and natural language models to understand and execute instructions in language. Other areas supported by the grants include economics, pre-linguistic behaviors in infants, and humanities. Moving forward, Google will continue to provide grants to support AI research at universities with a focus on climate and sustainability and education.

In addition to supporting AI research, Google and TAU are committed to promoting Diversity in science and education. Google supports TAU by providing scholarships to students from underrepresented groups pursuing master’s and PhD degrees. Female Google researchers participate in the ExactShe mentoring program, which pairs them with female researchers and students from the Faculty of Exact Sciences at TAU to conduct mentoring meetings and support them in advancing their careers.

Google and TAU recognize the importance of collaboration between academia and industry to find solutions to global challenges like climate change and equality in education. They are committed to continuing their partnership to advance AI research in critical areas and build a better future for all.


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