Amazon is introducing new features to improve the search capabilities on its mobile app, in an attempt to compete with search engines like Google and Pinterest. The new tools include multimodal search, expanded augmented reality (AR) features, and a tool called Find-on-Amazon.

With multimodal search, users can add both text and images to their search queries in order to find matching products. For example, if a user needs a replacement part for an appliance, they can take a photo of the part and include the name of the appliance in their search. This improvement on Amazon’s existing visual search engine aims to make it easier for users to find the products they need.

The expanded AR features allow users to visualize furniture, decor, and now smaller items like lamps and appliances in their space. Users can also rearrange items from one surface to another using the AR feature. This enhancement aims to provide a more immersive shopping experience and helps users better understand how products will look in their homes before making a purchase.

Find-on-Amazon is a new tool that allows users to search for products using a photo from anywhere. If a user sees something they like on social media, while browsing the web, reading emails, or chatting online, they can share the image with the Amazon app. The app will then find visually similar products, even if the user doesn’t know the name or how to describe them. This tool aims to make it easier for users to find products they discover outside of the Amazon platform.

These updates to Amazon’s mobile app search capabilities could have significant implications for Google’s advertising revenue. As Amazon continues to close in on Google’s dominant position in digital ad spending, redirecting more searches to Amazon through improved search capabilities could result in a shift in advertising dollars.

In addition to the new features mentioned above, Amazon is also introducing other smaller improvements. These include the introduction of sales trend data next to listings, providing information on how many items were purchased in the past month. Amazon is also improving the ability to search for previously purchased items, making it easier for users to find products they have bought in the past.

An Amazon spokesperson emphasized the company’s commitment to constantly testing and improving its features based on customer feedback. The spokesperson highlighted the importance of customer trust and Amazon’s mission to help customers find what they’re looking for with ease.

Overall, Amazon’s new search capabilities on its mobile app aim to provide a more comprehensive and intuitive shopping experience for users. By merging text and image search, expanding AR features, and introducing tools like Find-on-Amazon, Amazon is positioning itself to compete with established search engines and capture a larger share of online searches for product discovery and purchase. This could have consequences for Google’s advertising revenue as Amazon continues to gain ground in the digital advertising space.


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