Bing Deep Search is rolling out to more users

Microsoft has rolled out its Deep Search feature to more users, with the icon appearing at the top right of the Bing search results page. The Deep Search feature is built on top of Bing’s web index and ranking system and uses GPT-4 to discern all possible intents and variations behind a query. The feature then computes descriptions for each of them to create an “ideal set of results.” While it has been stated that the feature is still being tested, others have reported that they can see the “Deep Search” icon as well.

When clicking on the icon, users are taken to a screen where they can refine their search, eventually leading to a set of search results. However, the feature is said to be slow, taking up to 30 seconds to complete the search. This slow loading time could be a deal breaker for most searchers, but time will tell if the feature’s potential for driving more clicks will outweigh this issue. Currently, Deep Search does not return any results for the search engine optimization query, but is able to provide results for other queries such as “SEO company” and “Bing.”

The ranking of the Deep Search results depends on how well a page matches Bing’s expanded description, as well as other factors such as relevance, quality, credibility, and freshness. Because of this variation in using AI for search results, Deep Search might present a new way to challenge other search engine features such as Bing Chat and Google Bard. However, the slow loading time might hinder its potential success.


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