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In the world of TV advertising, accurately measuring the success of campaigns has always been a challenge. The same perception seems to persist for newer solutions like connected TV (CTV). However, reliable attribution on CTV does exist, and it is crucial for marketers to understand that. A survey from eMarketer revealed that attribution is the top area where marketers want to see CTV improve.

Accurate attribution is important because it allows brands to measure the success of their campaigns effectively. In the past, marketers had to rely on guesswork, but with CTV, there are now more advanced methods available. Connected TV is primarily a performance marketing channel, and this fact provides the opportunity for reliable attribution.

Choosing the right CTV attribution model is key to accurately measuring success. Different models can vary in their effectiveness. Some models give CTV credit for performance driven by other marketing channels, while some do not give enough credit. Some models even estimate the credit that CTV may have earned.

One of the crucial aspects of CTV attribution is cross-device tracking. In today’s interconnected world, where consumers use multiple devices, it is essential to have an attribution model that follows viewers across touchpoints to measure conversion effectively. For example, MNTN’s Verified Visits uses source validation to confirm that the visit to a brand’s site was not driven by another marketing channel. By deduplicating other traffic sources, this model ensures that the CTV campaign only takes credit for the visits it actually drove.

Accurate attribution on CTV goes beyond just measuring the success of campaigns. It also helps guide marketers in optimizing their strategies. Clean performance data allows marketers to refine their overall strategies based on the outcomes of their CTV ads. In other words, with accurate attribution, brands can reach their audiences at scale and generate measurable results. Research shows that accurate attribution can improve efficiency by 15-30%. Attribution models like Verified Visits pave the way for more effective, data-driven, and impactful advertising campaigns.

In conclusion, reliable attribution on CTV is possible and crucial for marketers to measure the success of their campaigns accurately. Choosing the right attribution model is key, and cross-device tracking is a crucial aspect to ensure accurate measurement. Accurate attribution not only allows for peace of mind but also improves overall campaign performance, leading to more effective advertising campaigns.


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