Easy to Implement Tactics for Local Link Building — Whiteboard Friday

In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Greg Gifford, the COO of SearchLab Digital, discusses local link building strategies. He begins by highlighting the importance of understanding Google’s local algorithm and addressing it with unique link building tactics. Gifford explains that the best links are based on relationships within the local community and are easier to obtain and more powerful. He suggests turning back the clock and becoming involved in the local community to acquire local links naturally. Checklist link building rarely works, and businesses should think outside the box and be original, he says.

Gifford discusses various tactics for local link building, starting with sponsorships. Despite avoiding sponsorships, they are an excellent way to acquire local links. The person buying a sponsorship that results in a link from a local event is acceptable to Google. Businesses can sponsor local events like Little League, peewee hockey, peewee football, 5Ks, and golf tournaments to acquire local links.

Charities also present opportunities for local link building as businesses can donate money or time to local charities as well, while volunteer opportunities can also attract local links. Local meetups are another effective way to acquire local links, and businesses can offer their conference room or meeting area to local groups that have meetings on a regular basis. Businesses can also sponsor group meetings by buying the soft drinks and snacks. Local bloggers also offer link opportunities, as businesses can offer a free widget and receive a link from a local blogger. Joining local business associations and directories, as well as local calendar pages, are also important in link building acquisition.

Gifford suggests thinking outside the box by tailoring link building strategies to individual clients. Business owners and their leadership may be members of certain ethnic groups, and local ethnic business directories may offer links competitors cannot get. Additionally, listing businesses in LGBTQIA+ directories in cities across the country that offer local services can provide a competitive advantage.

Gifford’s final suggestion is to talk to the staff at businesses or leadership to understand their hobbies and passions. Finding out what local clubs or organizations they are involved in can provide an excellent link-building opportunity.

In conclusion, local link building strategies are essential to addressing Google’s local algorithm. Businesses must approach local link building differently and should consider becoming involved in the local community to acquire local links naturally. Gifford provides an excellent breakdown of link building tactics.


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