Four inspiring adaptive reuse projects at Google buildings

237 Moffett Park Drive, located in Sunnyvale, has a rich history of innovation. Originally home to one of the first mainframe and supercomputer firms in the 1960s, the building has now become a symbol of a different kind of innovation – sustainable renovation.

The renovation project at 237 Moffett Park Drive stands as the largest certified renovation project by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) in the world. One of the key principles guiding the design was the idea of reuse. From building systems within the walls to art made from salvaged materials, the project team focused on incorporating recycled elements throughout.

Going beyond just reusing materials, the construction of 237 Moffett Park Drive also aimed to reduce waste. The project team successfully diverted 3,400 tons of waste, which accounted for 91% of the total waste generated, from landfills by repurposing the materials for other uses. This commitment to waste reduction showcases the project’s dedication to sustainability.

Moreover, the project made smart material choices to further reduce its carbon footprint. For the foundation retrofit, the team opted for lower-carbon steel and concrete instead of new materials, resulting in a 20% reduction in embodied carbon compared to similar renovation projects. This analysis, conducted as part of the Living Building Challenge, demonstrates the project’s commitment to minimizing its environmental impact.

The success of projects like 237 Moffett Park Drive highlights the importance of adaptive reuse in promoting sustainability and community. Michiel, a member of the project team, emphasizes that these types of projects reflect their values surrounding community and sustainability. By being good stewards of their operational spaces, they can simultaneously protect the environment and the planet.

In conclusion, 237 Moffett Park Drive is a testament to the power of innovation through sustainability. Its transformation from a historic mainframe and supercomputer building to a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious workplace showcases the potential of adaptive reuse in reducing waste and minimizing carbon footprints. As the largest renovation project certified by ILFI, 237 Moffett Park Drive serves as an inspiration for future sustainable projects worldwide.


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