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Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian Tourism Authority, shares his nostalgic memories of the enticing aroma of traditional Egyptian cuisine and announces the launch of “Sofret Masr” — “A Taste of Egypt” on Google Arts & Culture. This collection, created in partnership with Rawi and Nawaya, features over 1,700 high-resolution photographs, 60+ stories, and 30 videos showcasing Egypt’s culinary history, dishes, culture, and places.

El-Kady describes the unforgettable smell of Feteer meshaltit, layers of buttery pastry, and “black honey,” as a staple in his childhood home. He shares that this aroma reminds him of moments in time and remembers how his family passed on these nostalgic smells to him and his children. He believes that every family has their own unique smell linked to a homemade meal and a special moment. Now, with the launching of “Sofret Masr,” people who are hungry for a taste of Egypt can revisit those moments and explore Egyptian cuisine in a brand new way.

The project aims to provide an immersive digital experience for users. Through over 1,700 high-resolution photographs, more than 60 curated stories, and 30 videos, viewers can delve into the history, culture, and culinary traditions of Egypt. The collection was a collaboration between Google Arts & Culture, Rawi, an annual publication highlighting Egyptian history and art, and Nawaya, a community-based network promoting Egyptian heritage food systems. This collaboration resulted in a comprehensive overview of Egypt’s culinary heritage for a global audience to enjoy.

Through “Sofret Masr,” users can experience not only the flavors of Egyptian cuisine but also gain insight into the stories, traditions, and cultural significance of the dishes. The project invites viewers to take a virtual journey through Egypt’s culinary history, highlighting the diverse and rich food traditions within the country. This initiative not only provides a platform to celebrate Egyptian cuisine but also serves as a means to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions associated with it.

In conclusion, “Sofret Masr” on Google Arts & Culture provides a unique opportunity for individuals to explore Egypt’s culinary heritage in a digital format. With its extensive collection of photographs, stories, and videos, the project offers a comprehensive view of Egypt’s rich and diverse culinary traditions. It celebrates the nostalgia and cultural significance of Egyptian cuisine, allowing users to immerse themselves in the flavors, stories, and history of this vibrant culinary culture.


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