Google Ads adds 2 new campaign types: Video views, demand gen

Google Ads is introducing two new campaign types that focus on video views and demand generation. The video view campaign aims to maximize views for advertisers, combining various formats, including skippable in-stream ads, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads to get the most out of the budget. The demand generation campaign leverages AI to engage with customers and will work across YouTube Shorts, YouTube in-stream, YouTube in-feed, Discover, and Gmail placements. Advertisers will be able to create Lookalike segments based on “seed lists” that can consist of first-party data and YouTube users. The segments can be set to narrow, balanced, or broad. The creative will also be tailored to the specific Lookalike segments. The beta for Video view campaigns will launch globally next month. These new campaign types offer video-first options for advertisers with goals of more views or more demand. The Lookalike segments will help advertisers find like-minded customers through a custom-built Seed list.


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