Google Ads gambling and games policy updated

Google Ads has announced updates to its gambling and games policy specifically for the U.S. Starting from February 8, Google will accept and run sports betting ads from certified, state-licensed entities with certificates of compliance in North Carolina. This means that advertisers who want to promote sports betting ads will need to apply for certification in order to be eligible to run these ads. The application process is open now for advertisers wishing to promote online gambling content in North Carolina.

In order to obtain certification, advertisers must follow specific steps based on their type of operation. Privately-licensed operators in countries where Google allows online gambling content must fill out an online gambling application form in the Google Ads Help Center, providing all requested information to prevent any delays. If an entity operates in a country where Google only allows state-run entities, a different form must be used, noting that certification is being requested as a state-run gambling entity and providing the website URL. For social casino game operators targeting specific country groups, a separate application form must be submitted for each country they wish to target.

Overall, these updates have significant implications for advertisers looking to promote sports betting ads in North Carolina. Those who meet Google’s policy and country-specific requirements will need to apply for certification in order to be eligible to run their campaigns. This means that the application process is now open, and successful certification is necessary for advertisers to proceed with promoting their gambling content in North Carolina.

The full details can be found in Google’s announcement, and advertisers interested in the specific requirements and application process are encouraged to refer to the announcement for further information. These changes will impact how online gambling content and sports betting ads are promoted within North Carolina, emphasizing the importance of certification for eligibility to run these types of ads on Google Ads.


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