Google Ads updates gambling and games policy

Google Ads has updated its gambling and games policy specific to the United States, and beginning on January 4th, it will accept ads for sports betting from state-approved entities in Delaware. This means that eligible advertisers looking to run sports betting ads in Delaware will need to apply for accreditation.

In order to obtain certification, advertisers must follow specific steps based on their status as privately-licensed operators, state-run entities, or social casino game operators. Privately-licensed operators located in countries where Google permits online gambling content need to fill out an online gambling application form in the Google Ads Help Center, while state-run entities must use a different form and provide their website URL as part of the request for certification. Social casino game operators must submit a form with their website URL or app, Google Ads customer ID, and the country group they are targeting, with a separate application form required for each country they want to target.

For a more in-depth look at the updated policy, advertisers can read Google’s full announcement. Additionally, advertisers can add Search Engine Land to their Google News feed to stay up to date with the latest information in the search marketing industry.

The author of the article, Nicola Agius, is the Paid Media Editor of Search Engine Land and has a wealth of experience in journalism and SEO strategy, having previously worked at companies such as OK! Magazine, Mail Online, and The Sun. In her role, she covers paid search, paid social, and retail media, providing valuable insights and information to help advertisers navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.


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