Google allows some sites to delay phase-out of third-party cookies

Google is allowing websites to request an extension to the phase-out of third-party cookies until December 27, 2024. This is being done through a third-party cookie deprecation trial in which embedded sites and services can temporarily enable third-party cookies. However, developers are expected to transition away from third-party cookie dependencies by the end of the trial. It is crucial for marketers to update their strategies to be cookieless before the December deadline, as there won’t be any additional help afterwards.

Eligible websites can request to enable the third-party cookie deprecation trials by using JavaScript to provide unique access tokens in Chrome. This involves activating the “Third-party matching” option on the origin trial’s registration page and providing a token through JavaScript. The program is specifically designed for embeds and services that use third-party cookies and meet Google’s strict eligibility criteria.

However, advertising-related services may not be approved for the trial, and there is a review process for all applications. If a website’s application is rejected, there is an appeals process for clarification.

Google is currently focusing on third-party embeds and services and recommends first-party sites to continue making changes to their sites directly to fix any breakage.

The guidance from Google provides more information on the application process and eligibility requirements for the third-party cookie deprecation trial. Marketers should consider updating their strategies to be prepared for the full transition away from third-party cookies by December 27, 2024.


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