Google announces a new destination for visitors

Google is celebrating its 25th birthday and 25 years of being located in the Bay Area by opening the Google Visitor Experience at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. This new facility aims to provide visitors with the opportunity to experience Google and the local community. It will feature a public cafe, a Google Store, an events space, and a pop-up shop showcasing local businesses. The doors will open to the public on October 12, 2023.

The Google Visitor Experience is designed to be a welcoming destination for everyone, including neighbors, visitors, and Google employees. Google is committed to being a helpful neighbor and investing in its long-term presence in Mountain View. This is the first time that the company has curated a visitor experience with public amenities.

Several different areas within the Google Visitor Experience will offer unique opportunities. The Huddle, a venue designed for creating connections, will host local community groups and non-profit events. Visitors can discover and support local businesses at the Pop-Up Shop. The Plaza will provide space for outdoor art, events, and programming, catering to visitors’ curiosity. The Cafe @ Mountain View will be the first-ever public cafe by Google and a place for people to connect with friends. Additionally, the facility will house the first brick and mortar Google Store on the West Coast, allowing visitors to explore Google’s hardware products and services.

The Google Visitor Experience is not only for locals but also for those planning a trip to the area. It aims to provide a unique and “Googley” experience to all who visit.

As the countdown to the opening begins, Google is demonstrating its commitment to being a part of the local community. The company recognizes the importance of fostering connections, supporting local businesses, and providing a space for curiosity and creativity. By opening the Google Visitor Experience, Google is providing a tangible way for people to engage with the company and its products.

Overall, the Google Visitor Experience is an exciting development for both Google and the Bay Area community. It showcases Google’s dedication to its home in Mountain View and offers a range of amenities and opportunities for visitors to engage with the company and the local community. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, the Google Visitor Experience promises to be an immersive and exciting destination.


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