Google announces inaugural Accelerator Impact Report

Google’s accelerator programs have played a significant role in helping over 1100 startups and developers to address global challenges such as climate change, financial inclusion, economic development, equitable healthcare and more over the last seven years. To highlight the impact of these programs, Google has released its first Accelerator Impact Report, which showcases the growth and success experienced by the entrepreneurs who have participated in these programs.

The accelerator programs provide participating startups and developers with training, hands-on mentorship from industry leaders and Google experts, and access to the latest products and technologies. For example, India’s first plastic-free marketplace, Brown Living, applied automations through Looker Studio and Apps Script with support from Google mentors after participating in regional accelerators. Brazilian startup Carbonext used machine learning to monitor deforestation in Brazil 80% faster and at 70% of the cost after participating in a Google for Startups Accelerator program. Indonesia-based Gambir Studio also experienced a 20% growth in revenue with the advice from mentors at an Indie Games Accelerator.

Overall, the Accelerator Impact Report demonstrates the tangible positive effects of Google’s accelerator programs on the growth and success of the participating startups and developers. These programs have not only helped these entrepreneurs to address global challenges, but have also enabled them to leverage technology and innovation to drive meaningful change in their respective industries.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the report also highlights the global reach of Google’s accelerator programs. It highlights how startups and developers from diverse regions and backgrounds, such as Brazil, India, and Indonesia, have been able to benefit and thrive as a result of their participation in these programs. This underscores the inclusive and impactful nature of Google’s support for the global startup ecosystem.

Overall, the Accelerator Impact Report serves as a testament to the positive impact of Google’s accelerator programs on startups and developers around the world. It showcases how these programs have empowered entrepreneurs to address global challenges, leverage technology and innovation, and drive meaningful change in their industries. With the success stories and growth highlighted in the report, it further demonstrates the value of these programs in fostering a thriving and diverse global startup ecosystem.


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