Google is evaluating additional PMax brand safety controls

Google is being criticized for serving ads on inappropriate non-Google websites through the Search Partner Network. Despite denying these accusations and providing advertisers with the option to opt out of the SPN, this temporary measure is set to end on March 1, 2024. Due to this, it is important to ensure that ads do not appear alongside inappropriate content that could damage a brand’s reputation. Ginny Marvin, a Google Ads liaison officer, has confirmed that new safety controls are being considered to address this issue.

In response to accusations made by Adalytics, Google has claimed that the reports published by Adalytics are inaccurate and exaggerated. Adalytics reported that ad buyers expecting their campaigns to run on found their ads appearing on compromising websites within the SPN, including sites with pirated content and those featuring hardcore pornographic content.

To manage the types of content that PMax ads can be displayed alongside, there are currently existing brand safety controls available. For Search and Shopping suitability, there are campaign-level brand exclusions and account-level negative keywords to prevent ads from showing for specific brand queries. Additionally, for Display and Video suitability, there are various content management tools such as content labels, inventory type, content type exclusions, sensitive content categories, and placement reports.

Google is considering additional brand safety controls, but as of now, advertisers have access to tools to manage the types of content their PMax ads can be displayed alongside. It is essential for advertisers to protect their brand by utilizing these existing and potentially future safety controls to prevent ads from appearing on inappropriate websites and to ensure their ads reach the right audience.


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