Google launches AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe

The author discusses the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), on society and the potential it holds for improving people’s lives and solving societal challenges. The AI Opportunity Initiative for Europe is launched to ensure that AI is built by and accessible to everyone, with a particular focus on providing training and skills to support vulnerable communities and startups. The initiative includes a EUR 25 million funding from to support AI training and skills for people across Europe, with a focus on vulnerable and underserved communities. This includes dedicated funding for equipping workers with the skills they need to avoid being left behind. The initiative also includes support for startups through Google for Startups Growth Academies, as well as expanded AI foundational courses available in 18 languages and resources for the Google Career Certificates program. The goal is to empower Europe’s workforce and ensure that everyone can benefit from the potential of AI. The author emphasizes the importance of working together boldly and responsibly to harness the potential of AI for building a better, fairer, and healthier society.


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