Google has announced that it is making progress in complying with Article 15 of the 2019 European Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. The company has been striking licensing agreements with owners of press publications and updating its products to help people find information through linking to news sites and other websites.

Google has signed licensing agreements with more than 1,000 publications across eleven European countries, and discussions for more agreements are ongoing. Additionally, the recipients of the Google News Initiative’s Innovation Challenge for Europe have been announced, with 47 recipients in 21 European countries working on innovation projects focused on audience engagement and community building.

The company has also introduced a new tool to reach press publishers in Germany and Hungary, and it plans to roll out the tool to other EU countries in the coming months. The tool allows publishers to enter into Extended News Preview (ENP) agreements with Google, which go beyond links and short extracts. The offers made through the tool are based on consistent criteria, such as the frequency of a news website’s display and the ad revenue generated on pages displaying previews of news content. Publishers have full control over whether their content appears in Google Search and how it can be previewed.

Google’s licensing program under the European Copyright Directive will eventually cover all countries that implement the directive. The program takes into account language variations, cross-border usage, and the needs of publishers, both large and small. The company acknowledges that more work needs to be done and is motivated by its publisher partners who are innovating and growing.

In previous years, Google has supported publishers and journalists through various means, including linking to news and other websites and launching the Google News Showcase licensing program, which works with over 750 publications in Europe.

Alongside its licensing efforts, Google will continue to invest in products and programs to support journalism worldwide. This includes initiatives such as the Innovation Challenge for Europe and the Google News Initiative Subscriptions Academy, which provides publishers with a program for digital growth.

Overall, Google is committed to complying with the European Copyright Directive, supporting publishers and journalists, and building a thriving European news ecosystem.


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