Google Registry celebrates five years of .app top-level domain

Over the past five years, the .app top-level domain has seen over 600,000 domains registered and thousands of new apps launched. The domain provides a secure platform for app developers to share and promote their creations. To celebrate its success, a 50% discount is being offered through preferred partners for anyone looking to register or renew standard-priced .app domains until the end of May.

To showcase the creative possibilities of using the .app domain, here are five apps that stand out:

1. – This AI-driven photo and video editor uses the latest design trends to make your profile pictures stand out.

2. – More than just a weather forecast, Windy provides real-time maps showing wind, tide, and precipitation patterns for anyone wanting to go sailing, surfing, or kite flying.

3. – Keep track of all those monthly bills with this handy app that helps you budget and stay on top of your finances.

4. – Perfect for plant parents, Greg uses physics and machine learning to predict the water needs of any plant, in any environment.

5. – This app takes you on a time-traveling journey through history’s artworks to show you the colors that shaped each generation.

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