Google revamps SEO Starter Guide to focus on a starter audience

Google has released the third version of its SEO starter guide, which is shorter and aimed at beginners. The new version focuses more on the essential SEO topics for newcomers. It has removed sections such as glossary, structured data, mobile-friendliness, and site performance, in favor of more beginner-friendly content. It has also added sections that explain the importance of certain SEO practices and debunk common SEO theories. The guide also answers “why should I do this?” questions that were previously lacking. In addition, it compresses content in various sections to make it more concise and easier to understand. Google hopes to continue making its documentation clearer and easier to understand in the future. This updated guide is important for new and experienced SEOs to be aware of, as it presents a more beginner-friendly and streamlined version to help users navigate the world of SEO.


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