Google Search can now index CSV files

Google Search has made an update to its file types indexable by Google help document, stating that it can now index Comma-Separated Values (.csv) files. This is not just an update to the help document, but a new functionality added to Google Search.

The update was noticed in the help document, and it was initially unclear whether it was a new feature or just a clarification. However, John Mueller from Google confirmed on Twitter that it is indeed a newly added feature to Google Search.

The help document now includes a new line stating that CSV files can now be indexed by Google. The previous version of the document did not list CSV as a file type. It also included additional sections about various video and image formats, which are likely just clarifications rather than new features.

The significance of this update is that if you have CSV files on the web, Google can now index them and display them in search results if they are relevant to a user’s query. However, if you don’t want your CSV files to appear in Google Search results, you can prevent Google from indexing them.

In conclusion, Google Search now has the capability to index CSV files, allowing them to be included in search results. This update provides more opportunities for users to find relevant information and for website owners to showcase their CSV files.


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