Google search quality raters shift focus to chatbot response rating

Google has reportedly given priority to rating its chatbot prompt responses over the quality of its search results since the start of 2020 for some of its contract workers, according to sources talking to Insider. This is important to note because while Google is heavily investing in its AI, with a focus on projects like Bard, search remains the technology giant’s core product and primary money-maker. Ratifiers rate AI prompt responses from a chatbot against user queries, with two responses generated by the technology presented to the worker and they are asked to choose the best one. However, workers have revealed they often have to guess rather than assess the quality of responses, with some given time constraints of only 60 seconds for a task that requires up to three hours of research. The feedback received from the company’s human raters is not believed to impact organic search rankings, but it can be used to evaluate changes. Recently, Google employees were asked for assistance in improving Bard, with the suggestion being that they set aside two to four hours to test it and offer feedback.


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